Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement

  • Seldia shall represent and promote, at European level, the interests of national Direct Selling Associations and of their members engaged in direct selling.


This mission will be achieved, in particular by:

• Maintaining contacts with relevant EU officials and with other relevant business organisations and consumer interest groups in Brussels;

• Lobbying EU officials in defence of its members’ interests with regard to any European legislative development that presents, as indicated by its members, any threat to the efficient operation of their direct selling businesses;

• In consultation with its members, determining and advocating new EU legislation in the interest of the efficient operation of pan European direct selling businesses;

• Promoting the economic and consumer benefits of the direct selling channel;

• Promoting a proper understanding of the way in which direct selling businesses are organised;

• Setting high standards, through a European code, for acceptable practices in selling methods and treatment of direct sellers;

• Disseminating to its members, legislative and other information of use in the efficient operation of its member associations.

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The Association shall promote direct selling as:

  • A dynamic and reliable channel of distribution aiming at the satisfaction of the consumers and direct sellers, in a trustworthy and secure environment for both parties;
  • An opportunity for people of all ages and all walks of life to develop an independent business of their own and achieve their goals as part of a sales force.

    Seldia Supports


    The Women Entrepreneurship Platform is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Seldia in 2013 with the objective of raising awareness about the barriers preventing women from taking the entrepreneurial path and creating their own business.

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