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Direct selling companies range from those with less than 1 million € annual turnover to medium size and large firms with turnovers above 1 billion €. Some companies operate in just a few countries, some even on a worldwide basis but many more are national or often locally based. A majority of direct selling companies manufacture and control the production of their goods. They invest heavily in research, training and marketing but are also socially responsible companies involved in community programs at local and international levels.


Direct selling is suited to the sale and distribution of almost every category of consumer goods that can be found in traditional retail locations and in department stores. It is also cost effective for the sales of services such as telecoms, gas and electricity supplies. 

Cosmetic and personal care products, household items and wellness are the strongest sectors in direct selling. Other products categories include food and beverages, nutritional products, jewelry and clothes, books, toys and game, home improvement products, etc. Cosmetics and personal care products remain the top category of products sold in direct selling in 2015 with 32% of market share. But wellness products continue their steady progression, occupying now the second position with 25% of market share, and are expected to keep progressing over the next years. Other products’ ranges, especially those sold in home parties which represent 28% of total sales, enjoy a stable growth, showing that direct selling is able to reply to consumers’ increased demand for alternative ways of purchasing, no matter whether the purchase concerns a lipstick, a dress, wine or a kitchen appliance.



Because we care 



In 2014 – 2015 direct selling companies helped thousands of people to flourish and thrive. The purpose is to continue direct selling activities in responsible and sustainable ways. Our companies are strongly committed to legal, ethical, moral and social standards and definitely know what corporate social responsibility is about. 

Over one in five direct selling companies have had philanthropy activities since the founding of the company. That way they reflect the values of founders and contribute to the world’s well-being.

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