“I run a direct selling company which has operations in Europe; how can I join Seldia?”

Seldia has two categories of members: national Direct Selling Associations (DSAs) of 27 European countries and multinational direct selling companies having operations in Europe (Corporate Members). To be eligible for seldia’s Corporate Membership, a direct selling company must be a member of at least three EU DSAs in membership of seldia. The first step is to apply for membership in national DSAs.

“I would like to start a direct selling activity; what should I check first?”

- Select a company with a product/service that appeals to you; if you like the product, you will find it easier to recommend it to others;
- Make sure that the company gives you a written contract which you have read and understood. The company’s membership in your local direct selling association is a sign of legal compliance. In case of any doubt, contact the local DSA.
- Avoid any proposal requiring a substantial financial investment. The initial investment required by the majority of direct selling companies investment is rarely more than 200 Euros – for a business kit and some product samples.

“What is the difference between direct selling and multilevel marketing?”

Direct selling is a channel of distribution, a way of marketing products and services. Multilevel marketing or network marketing refers to a way of organising a direct selling business. A company using multilevel marketing remunerates its direct sellers, or distributors, on the basis of both their personal sales and also the sales achieved by those others that they have recruited, trained, helped and motivated.

“What is the difference between direct selling and direct marketing?”

Direct selling always implies a face-to-face contact between the seller and the customer, either on a person-to-person manner or in a home party. In direct marketing, such as catalogue sales or e-commerce, the seller and the consumer never meet each other.

“What is a Code Administrator?”

The Code Administrator is an independent person or body appointed by a Direct Selling Association (DSA) to monitor member companies’ observance of the DSA’s Code of Conduct and to resolve complaints.

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    The Women Entrepreneurship Platform is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Seldia in 2013 with the objective of raising awareness about the barriers preventing women from taking the entrepreneurial path and creating their own business.

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