A Stable & Successful Sector

The volume of direct sales has been constantly growing over the last five years.

Even during COVID times, percentage sales changes (in constant Euros) show a 1,9% growth for Europe, and 0,1% for the European Union. Europe’s direct selling market is the third largest in the world.

More than 6,6 million people are engaged in direct selling in European Union. For the whole Seldia membership, covering the wider European region, the number of people engaged in direct selling reaches 16 million (EU included).

** The following figures were collected in cooperation with the World Federation of Direct Selling Association (WFDSA). The WFDSA 2020 statistics and the World Federation Statistical Database (2017-2020) can be accessed here. Please note that WFDSA publishes in US Dollars. Seldia figures are published in Euros.**

 Top 5 EU 1
People Active in Direct Selling 1
Annual Sales 1
Product groups 1


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