The Direct selling sector plays an important role in upskilling and reskilling Europeans.

Our sector is unique as it is in the Direct Selling companies’ interest to equip independent direct sellers with the right skills to run, develop and expand their own business. It is a real win-win.

In the 2023 Ipsos Survey conducted across 12 EU countries and gathering responses from 25,896 direct sellers, direct sellers themselves confirm that direct selling has helped them to improve their interpersonal skills (77%), self esteem and confidence (74%), as well as business, management and sales skills (72%). Other commonly mentioned gains are the ability to work independently and to meet new people.

As Independent sellers are not employees, the training programmes need to be attractive and engaging to be followed and completed. Direct sellers express very high levels of satisfaction with the training their company provides: 81% in total rate the training as of good quality, including 58% who rate it as of very good quality. Training provided by sponsors/uplines is also rated mainly positively, albeit by a slightly lower majority: 71% in total say the training is of high quality, with almost half saying it is of very high quality.

Three in four direct sellers agree that they have gained more than just money through their direct selling activity.

Seldia is an active stakeholder in the European Union’s discussions on the future of work, and with EuroCommerce on the European Skills Agenda and EU Pact for Skills.